Guilderland NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Besides Colonie, Guilderland is probably the most infamous traffic court here in the Greater Capital District - and maybe further. Most of that is probably due to large amounts of drivers going through this area. Western Avenue is one of the busy spots with thousands of commuters per day making their back and forth into Albany. Like most roads in the area, Western Ave. is narrow, with low speed limits and what seems like millions of traffic signals - stoplights and stopsigns. I've heard lots of stories from visitors and newcomers into the Capital area commenting on the difficulty of seeing the colors of the traffic lights. Many of them confessed to having passed red lights before becoming accustomed to driving conditions here. Guilderland is also home to Crossgates mall, a large shopping center with a labyrinth of entrances and exits between Western Ave. and Washington Avenue Extension. There's also Walmart, Target, Chili's, other national chains and small local shops literally everywhere. Interstates I-87, I-90 and the always busy Wolf Road pass through Guilderland providing the perfect environment for local officers to pull over and ticket unwary drivers.

Our office gets frequent inquiries by phone and email regarding New York speeding tickets and other traffic tickets in the town of Guilderland. Attorney Randall Kehoe is known for offering some of the most affordable legal fees in the area, including a flat $195 for most traffic matters in Guilderland, and has been practicing traffic law since 1990. Consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to hire, but if you are worried about what a traffic conviction may do to your license, insurance, and/or driving privileges feel free to contact us. We monitor phones and emails every day and may be able to help you obtain a better outcome regarding your ticket.

DWI Defense

We also represent clients with DWI charges - both alcohol and other drugs - in the Guilderland Town Court. Because of the increasing severity of penalties for DWI in Albany County and statewide, even more is at stake and these cases must be handled with extreme care and expertise. Attorney Randall Kehoe has an intimate knowledge of local DWI law and is familiar with courts, prosecutors, and policies in Capital District counties and the surrounding area. Our office can connect you with a qualified Substance Abuse Counselor to get your case started off on the right foot and see that you see the best outcome in court. For a free consultation and to discuss the details of your DWI case in Guilderland, call, click, or email our office at your convenience.

We are also available as Of Counsel in the Guilderland Town Court for all traffic violations as well as DWI and other misdemeanors and felonies including Petit Larceny, unlawful possession, criminal mischief, etc. If you are an attorney or law firm seeking local counsel, please feel free to contact us with your request.